Group Profile

The Maini Group has always been recogonized for its vision, Creativity, and initiative. Over the last three decades, the Group has striven to build upon the commitment and foresight of its founder Dr.S.K.Maini,and by doing so, secure the benifits of our corporate mission for the next generation. It means making all we do-designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing -contribute as optimally as possible to the legacy we leave for those who will follow us and the world they will inherit.

Our accomplishments reflect the diversity of a true global corporate.From being India's first manufacturer of environment-friendly electric vehicles for both commuter and material transport, to being one of its premier design and manufacturiing entities for precision engineering components,global warehousing systems and logistics-solutions, now also inovating in aerospace, The Maini Group is one that understands the true significance of working for the future.

Our presence around the globe,too, is multi-faceted. It ranges from manufacturing bases here in India ans Austria , Warehouse-and -dealer networks across the world and over 200 loyal international customers. Being global requires responding to universal ecological imperatives. This goes beyond technology transfers and public awarness-building measures, to extend to water conservation programmes, diversified recycling and progressive greening programe of pre-identified areas amoung other things.

At a localized level, our agenda for the future has realized quite significant contributions for the communitieswe live and work in. Assuring the future of our youth through education and subsequent vocational training is one such, livelihood and infrastuctural initiatives for lower-income rural groups, is another.The latter category has included the adoption of villages.

As an industrial Group,therefore,the challange is to ensure that the incraesing comlexity of all we plan and do must always serve the aim of crafting a better future for all.

ZERO Philosophy:
The Maini Group is driven by the guiding principle of the 'ZERO' philosophy, under which we aim to deliver zero defect products with zero time delays, zero complaints through zero wastage and zero inefficiency and strive for zero pollution.