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Maini Precision Products is the flagship company of the Maini Group. The group set up in 1973, has been based on a simple set of powerful philosophies that converge in harmony to build a foundation that is rock solid.

Starting with Zero Philosophy where the infinite essence of Zero is channelized to deliver holistic and seamless growth. Enabled by an ethos that says never yield. Where excuses have no place. Where the Zero Philosophy manifests itself into Zero Defects, Zero Delays, Zero Wastage, Zero Pollution and Zero Compromises
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One stop shop for manufacturing solution

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Why to choose Maini Precision Products

Maini Precision Products is a One-Stop Shop for Manufacturing Solutions. MPP manufactures a range of over 1,500 types of components. Over 90% of the production is sought after by discerning customers in Europe, USA and Canada.

The versatile capabilities and quality consciousness of MPP are characterized by a unique profile. MPP has five dedicated units with each unit having expertise in a specialised area.


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Founder's Message

The automotive industry, globally,has been seriously affected US meltdown towards the end of last year.


Maini Global Aerospace

Aerospace in India is growing at an exponental rate, thanks to India's ,low-cost advantage over other countries as a manufacturing base.


It's been an action - packed six months since our last update in the previous Maini Varta.


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